summer-287081_640 Here in the northern hemisphere, shorts weather seems to finally be on it's way. As relieved as I am that this punishing winter is coming to a close, there's a certain issue that I seem to manage to forget all about until I take that first long stroll in the sunshine... in a dress. I bet some of you have already figured out where I'm going with this.

Yep, that's right, I'm talking about that thing we women aren't supposed to admit we have or talk about. The rash between our thighs that occurs when they rub together while walking, for some all the time, and for others (like me), just when it's warm enough to err... glisten a bit. This issue is so shrouded in shame that there's little talk about how to address it. I'm just going to say this once and not belabor the point - you do not need a thigh gap to be beautiful, and it is not a reliable indicator of whether you are at a healthy weight or not.

Volumes have been written about this on the internet, as the thigh gap is a well known fixation of the extremely unhealthy and damaging "pro-ana" groups online. Have a quick google and you will find models speaking out against the trend, companies apologizing for photoshopping it in, and of course, workouts and diets that promise you delivery of this feature. Just know that if you have one, that's perfect, and if you don't that's perfect too. But you might tend to get pretty uncomfortable without some fabric between there.


Enter....Monistat? Two years ago or so, when I came across this product being heavily endorsed on a blog, I was blown away that there was such a thing. Even then, I was skeptical, but I ran out to grab a tube anyhow. And let me tell you.. this stuff WORKS. It very quickly dries into a sort of powdery protective surface that actually reduces irritation dramatically. Admittedly, on a long hot day of walking endlessly, you may still get a bit of discomfort even if you carry it in your bag and reapply in the bathroom after a couple of hours, but still it will be vastly better than having gone with nothing.

If you've been stuck in pants all summer in years past, while others enjoy the cool refreshment of sundresses and shorts, I'm telling you it's worth having the guy behind the counter assume you've got a yeast infection. Because honestly, who cares? You've got those cute shorts to wear.

Have you tried this stuff, or something else that helps you enjoy the summer bare-legged? Tell us about it in the comments below!