Yes, ladies, that swatching is back on. So sorry for the long holiday! I actually swatch things all the time, but consolidating the results is another story... At any rate, I heard a lot of hubbub about this company from the facebook groups and while I'm not all that jazzed personally over the whole gluten and paraben free thing (I get that some people need/want it, just not essential for me), I DO love a brand that sells me nicely sized samples for not much money. I hope you also have a zero tolerance policy for lipsticks you can't see and try before you buy one in full size. Overall, the lipstick lives up to hydration claims and wears well over time without feathering (I seem to find a lot of really moist lipsticks do this on me, I have dry skin). And compared to other lipsticks in this space, they actually do have some exciting colors.

So, on with the swatches. I tried to order shades I thought were interesting/useful. There are a number that looked like the kinds of colors I avoid, or that didn't offer anything new. There were also others that I'd like to try and more new ones since I ordered, so if you like these I may do more in the future.

  1. Coral Crush - I like this for TA, I had expected it to be a Spring one but it's sort of brownish orange which would be very wearable as a day shade for TA.
  2. Cranberry Magic - This is a pretty and interesting shade, not what I thought when I ordered it. (they've since added more images, very helpful) I felt it was nicest with TW's fan, but would be on the subtle end for many TWs. It could be a bold red for some TSu or a nice lighter shade for a cool leaning DW, especially if she has fair skin.
  3. Light My Fire - Amazing on DA. It looks like it's going to be super warm/brown, but it's not. 
  4. Mix & Mingle - I actually thought this shade was the prettiest with the LSu fan, but on most I think it would be too much, unless worn at 1/2 intensity as suggested on the site. Some TW or maybe BW could wear it, but it's not as intense as I wanted it to be.
  5. Petal Pusher - LSu or TSu. Quite cool, another one I hoped would be brighter - if they had the product images they have now I would not have bought this one. It goes a bit into the zone of too light for most TSu/ too cool for most LSu, a place I find many lipsticks live.
  6. Ravishing - DW, very pretty, nice for those in this season whose skin eats up a ton of darkness from lipstick. Cool DAs could do well with this also. Many women of both these seasons may still find it too dramatic.
  7. Red! 101 - BW, very easy to wear compared to some reds for this season. Try it if Mary Kay Firecracker looked a little much on you, or if it looked great but you're just not ready for that yet.
  8. Sunkissed - TSp or BSp. It's not as bright as many orange lipsticks that get put in TSp but would be too strong on many of them. That said, BSp women who lean cooler and generally go more for the pinker shades may find it looks funny.