Funny story about these lipsticks. Whenever I get offered free samples when I'm buying makeup online, I always choose any color cosmetic samples (usually lipstick) that are on the list, so I can swatch them and see if there's anything good to be had. Sometimes though, I don't get around to opening them or even really looking at them until later. At the end of last year, Temptalia posted her top products from 2014, and when I noticed this line was one of her choices, I remembered that I had a small sample pack of 4 of the colors. Fishing it out of ye old makup pile, I instantly honed in on Tumultuous Pink as a good shade for me and tried it on. It was nice, but I have a lot of lipsticks in similar shades so I couldn't see that there was anything overly special about these lipsticks.

And then I left the house... and hours later, having not touched up my lips or even brought the sample with me, it was still on and looking pretty good. You see, when I hastily tried it out, I didn't realize that it was even supposed to be a long wearing formula. When I applied it, it felt like a regular cream formula on my lips, maybe not especially hydrating, but not dry either. And that's really the magic of this formula. You can talk and drink water, go about your business and even have a snack, and it really does stay on for the 6 hours they claim. Now, it isn't quite like the sort of long wearing shades that you will need to scrub off of your lips at the end of the day, so if you eat a full meal you will probably need to reapply. However, it really is very comfortable to wear, which in my book is well worth the trade off.

I went to my Macy's and swatched all of the shades they had from this line, which as it turns out, was only about 1/3 of them. So my awesome colleague Cate Linden (a.k.a. the makeup swatching fairy godmother of PCA) picked up the slack and checked out a few of the shades I missed. Isn't she just the greatest?

EL's image of what I assume was the initial run of colors in this range, to give you an extremely loose idea of what they look like.

EL's image of what I assume was the initial run of colors in this range, to give you an extremely loose idea of what they look like.

Carnal - Bright Winter, but be careful with this one. My swatch looks like a near dupe for Ravish Me Red, so unless you wear lipsticks that are intensely orange and still red enough to be in Winter, I'd skip it. Could be amazing on some though, some BW redheads I've seem come to mind.

Confident - In my eyes the harmony was best with True Winter, however, Dark Winters who lean towards their cooler neighbor and want a pinker lip shade might try it. A bit heavy and dark for Brights in my book.

Decadent - Dark Autumn, beautiful and very wearable appropriately dark shade for those in this season who start to look a little vamp as soon as you can sense purple in the color.

Cate in Decadent, Soooo Pretty!

Cate in Decadent, Soooo Pretty!

Defiant Coral - Bright Spring, a very intense coral, which I tried to also see if I could fudge into Bright Winter, since they are always wanting coral lips, but my honest opinion was that the harmony was far less good than with the warmer and lighter palette.

Desireable - Soft Autumn, if anyone. If you simply must have face-colored cream of wheat lips, you can probably save yourself $30 and use concealer. Blech.

Dominant - Cate says, "Looks like the cooler side of Bright Winter for me." She felt it seemed like a True Winter shade by eyeballing it, but was off somehow with the palette, perhaps too saturated.

Dynamic - Soft Autumn, a bit on the cooler side, so Soft Summers who are very warm in their season or tend to pull lipsticks too pink or purple might try it. It's a shade there would be a million dupes for, but could be a good workhorse in this iteration because of the awesome formula.

Eccentric - Soft Autumn, on some mouths online, this looks like a Spring shade, but my swatch is too soft and heavy with the Spring palettes, and conversely very beautiful here. My swatch looks quite a bit like the cover of the TCA classic fan, but a tiny step darker.

Emotional - Dark Autumn, can pull a little bright on some, despite what it looks like in the tube, but for the Dark Autumn who wears fairly intense red lips well, this is a great option.

Envious - For the Dark Winter who can really wear a fairly bright red lip well, but suffers when she crosses into Bright Winter territory.

Fierce - True Autumn. Cate says it's a "nice burnt orangey red". If you're a TA whose perfect red was not MAC Chili or So Chaud, give this a try.

Impassioned - Bright Spring first and foremost, with True Spring a possible second option. Will be too orange for many Brights and too intense for many Trues, but if you know your best lips lie in this color space, give it a try.

Infamous - Light Summer, Cate swatched this one, and online images of it differ wildly (by virtue of being presented on different people's skin), however, I can definitely see this being a great shade for women in this season whose lips need a little something more.

Insolent Plum - True Winter, a "slam dunk" according to Cate, how can you argue with that?

Jealous - Bright Spring, just so good. The kind of sunshiney hot pink almost all the members of this season I've met look gorgeous in.

Powerful - I find this to be a very exciting prospect for True Summer. The prettiest of their colors will not be visibly greyed until you compare them to something else (like pure white, black, or a face with stronger coloring, for example). This is a pink that will read as pink (not purple) on many women of this season, while staying within the bounds of their very real heat limits.

Rebellious Rose - Some might put this elsewhere, but I felt it was at its most beautiful as a beyond stunning red for Soft Autumn. Could just be an every day shade for the Soft Autumn woman with a higher higher apparent contrast level.

Reckless - True Summer, Cate remarked on the beauty of this shade as well, which makes me really happy for all the True Summers. Might be a good one for the TSu whose apparent coloring would cause many to guess a Winter season.

Red Ego - Dark Winter, cooler than Emotional but also fairly clear. Would be beyond stunning on many women of this season, while being too clear and cool on others.

Thrilling - Classically Dark Winter. Many of you shy away from shades like this (some for color reasons, but often nothing to do with that) but it could be amazing.

Silly selfie in Tumultuous Pink

Silly selfie in Tumultuous Pink

Tumultuous Pink - Bright Winter, my personal current any day, any outfit lipstick. I finished the very generous sample I had and then bought a tube. I find it has a pleasant way of shifting between looking more pink and more red depending on the lighting and what else I have on. Pretty centrally placed in the season, I would think most BWs could wear it.

Vengeful Red- Bright Winter. A very saturated red that is both cherryish and a tiny bit orangey. I bought this too, and I love it. This with EL's Hot Cherry gloss over has finally replaced my long-discontinued Holy Grail red. Try it if Cherries in the Snow or Ruby Woo read heavy, dark, and cold on you (they do on me).

Overall, I was very impressed with the color range of this line, as well as the formula of course, which is a refreshing treat. While so many brands are creating shades that swing either too "fashion" to flatter many people or too "natural" to flatter many people, I felt this line really offered a lot of options that would truly be wearable for many different women across most seasons. Notably, there was not much for Soft Summer (shocked about that actually), True Spring, or Light Spring (less surprising, though Potent and Daring which neither of us found at our stores might potentially be options there). It looks like this line has been popular enough to encourage at least one expansion of the color range since launch, so let's hope they create options for those seasons.

So tell me, have you tried any of these out? I'm so eager to hear whether others are having as great success with these as I have been!