With Lucinda Chambers so much in the news, the question has come up regarding her personal style - what's the secret formula? How does she strike that perfect balance of bold prints, unusual proportions, oversized jewelry, unusual footwear and minimal hair and makeup and manage to come out looking so stylish and put together? 

Here's the short, unsatisfactory answer: There is no formula. Or, we COULD probably create an algorithm to produce with startling accuracy an infinite random generator of Lucinda-esque outfits. But here's the problem:

What works for her won't work for you!!

Lucinda's style doesn't work because she plots out logic trees of if X print than Y necklace. It's efficacy rests on the sum total of not only her expertise as a stylist (which is of course considerable), but also her personality, her lifestyle, her career, her features, her body type, her preferences and all the other factors that go into making her the woman who embodies her style. 

Style isn't something you put on, it's something you become. 

You can't find it on Pinterest and download it as a PDF, because the most important part of your style is YOU. This is why so many women spend their life seeking the magic formula to style and never find it. They're looking in the wrong place. 

Listen, I get that figuring out your version of vogue editor style isn't for everyone. You might not be good at it. You might be disappointed. Collecting listicles of things stylish women wear and dreaming about someday might actually be more fun. 

But for those who are ready to stop dreaming and step into what's possible, I have space to help make it happen for just 2 more women this month. If this is you, you know where to find me 😘