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This post is part of a series outlining the basics of each seasonal color palette. If you’re looking to become acquainted with the palettes, this is a good place to start.

Common Presentations of Bright Spring

Bright Spring, like all seasons, has a huge range in terms of what they can look like. These Bright Spring celebrity examples are merely a guess, since we can’t know what they would look like in real life with every season tried following proper methodology, however in photos they resemble exemplars I have personally seen. Please keep in mind that any season can present with any hair, skin and eye color.

Bright Spring Hair Colors: These can range from medium-light blonde to medium brown. The average natural color is probably a medium-light brunette. The hair colors in this season are clear and translucent, often with coral or golden undertones, though may appear ash brown or blonde next to darker or duller colors. Red hair can occur in any season, but is especially common in the bright seasons, as red is the brighter of the two pigments that naturally give hair it’s color.

Bright Spring Eye Colors: Green and blue eyes occur frequently in this season, and eye colors that sit between blue and green may be most common of all. Brown eyes are less common, and tend to be lighter with bits of green and gold in them. Eyes of any color in this season commonly have a bit of yellow in them at close distance.

Bright Spring Skin tones: Bright Winter skin tones range from the fair to medium, in almost equal amounts, with medium-light tones being perhaps a bit more common. Cheeks may often be flushed with pink, giving the impression of a cooler person. Those who appear lighter may be taken for summer blends, as the influence of winter in the person is not always obvious. Conversely, those with brown hair and eyes may often be mistaken for either winter due to their higher apparent contrast or autumn due to their apparent depth and warmth.

Bright Spring Color Dimensions

Bright Spring’s predominant color quality is brightness. This doesn’t mean that they must wear only very colorful looks, or that their colors are overbearingly neon, but simply that of all seasons excluding Bright Winter, this coloring has the least tolerance for softness in color.

In addition to being bright, Bright Spring is also medium light. They can balance both lighter and darker colors, and suit a moderately high level of contrast, but overall their best colors do tend towards lightness.

Finally, Bright Spring colors are warm-neutral. Those with bright spring coloring can wear a range of colors where some choices will be warmer and others cooler, however overall the suit colors that lean towards warmth.

Bright Spring Colors

Bright Spring’s best colors include all of those that fit withing the color dimensions mentioned above, but include Coral red, warm fuchsia, tangerine, sun yellow, lime green, kelly green, teal, aqua, grape, and medium pink. Please note that color names are subjective and may yield colors not in this palette.

Bright Spring Neutrals

Bright Spring’s best neutrals include all of those that fit within the color dimensions mentioned above, but include light black, vivid navy, espresso, green grey, clear grey, sandy taupe, yellow beige, sand beige, and ivory. Please note that color names are subjective and may yield colors not in this palette.

Bright Spring Makeup

Bright Spring has a wide array of peach, hot pink, coral and coral-red lipsticks to choose from. Medium shades of peach, coral-red and warm fuchsia are among the most successful choices.

I hope that you’ve found this helpful in learning about the Bright Spring color palette! If you’re struggling to figure out your coloring, I would be happy to set up a time to talk and see if I can help.