true winter lipsticks.png

Ahh, lipstick. It’s my personal favorite makeup item, but I don’t think I’m biased in saying that the quest for even one lipstick that seems to work is what drives many women to seek out a personal color analysis. Being able to know that exact perfect shade, wear it until the tube is worn down to the nub, and buy another one can sound like livin’ the dream if you’ve been trying shade after shade, only to become quickly disenchanted with each new one after a brief honeymoon period.

You can, of course, go running straight to the mall with your palette in hand as soon as your analyst determines your season and simple compare your palette to each of the shades on display until you find some that harmonize. However, many women would love to skip that step and go straight to the exact tubes that are tried and true, analyst and client tested favorites for their season so they can get something perfect for them and be on their way. I don’t blame you, so I’ve compiled some options for True Winter that I encourage you to try if this is your personal coloring. These shades, in addition to being harmonious options for the season, have tended to stay around through the endless discontinuation and launch cycle of the beauty industry, and are available at the time of this writing, though please be advised that any shade can be discontinued in time.

With that said, let’s get on to the shades! Links to where they can be purchased are included below the image. Happy shopping!

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