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Stuff I Love: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

By now, you know that I am always looking for lip products that I don't have to reapply a million times during the day, but that also don't leave my lips painfully dry. I tried this product mostly out of curiosity about the stability of the colors after another analyst swatched a couple of them, including one for Bright Winter.


I was somewhat skeptical, because the ever-popular Lip Butters are decidedly not my favorite product, partially because I feel they slide all over the place, and partially because I noticed while swatching them out of paper that the colors tended to shift after a few minutes, pulling either soft or purple, or oddly, both. Happily, I don't find that the Just Bitten line tends to shift nearly so much, which is great, because they're just as cheap, stay put better, and are much longer lasting. I've heard some people still find these drying, but for me, they feel very comfortable on. I bet you've already guessed where this is going... after wearing one quite a bit myself, I decided to pick up several to keep in my makeup kit for my clients, and to swatch for all of you. I seem to have missed a few, but most of them from the main line (not the glosses or the matte ones) should be here.

  •  Honey - Soft Summer, may be too brown for some, though on my skin it was less brown than on paper, and on the whole distinctly more purpley than what I like on Soft Autumn
  • Lovesick - True Winter
  • Smitten - This one swatches as True Winter on paper, but on both my lips and skin, it seemed way more desaturated than Lovesick. True Winters who are tentative about their lip colors can probably still wear it, but I think a number of True Summers could do even better in it.
  • Cherish - Light Summer, I guess. I wish I hadn't bought this one, as it's one of those colors that's meant to be lighter than your lips, which I don't find to be a very flattering category of colors, in general.
  • Sweetheart - Bright Winter, really good for lighter-looking people in this season, but most should wear it well
  • Adore - Dark Autumn, quite warm, but a little overpowering next to the True Autumn fan. Either could try it.
  • Rendezvous - True Spring
  • Crush - Dark Winter
  • Charm - Light Spring, pretty warm and not much of a color even for this season, but it could work for some

So, there you have it! Let me know if you've tried any of these, and how it went. :)


Stuff I Love: YSL Glossy Stains


Stuff I Love: YSL Glossy Stains

A while back, someone from one of the color Facebook groups linked to this post about YSL Glossy Stains on Karla Sugar, and I have to say, from the moment I read Karla's review, it sounded like the lip product I'd been waiting for without knowing it. glossystain

I love lipgloss but:

  1. It doesn't last, especially if you drink a lot of water throughout the day
  2. It sticks to your hair when you're outside in the slightest breeze
  3. It's generally a mess that slides all over your face and likes to get on stuff you own
  4. You kind of feel like you're always eating it... probably you are

I love stains and long wear products but:

  1. They're really dry, I need gloss for comfort and to keep it from flaking
  2. They're usually quite matte, I need gloss to make the texture flattering
  3. All that glossing kind of defeats the purpose of a product with staying power
  4. Sometimes you have to scrub incredibly hard to get them completely off at the end of the day

Let me tell you, the Glossy Stains solve all these problems. You can eat and drink and still have them on, once they dry (in about 30 seconds) they aren't sticky and don't slide around. They're totally non-drying, magically stay glossy and translucent for several hours, and they're not SO stuck on there that you have to scrub your lips off to remove them. There's only one truly major drawback in my book - the price. Not that they're not worth it, but I'll still keep hunting for a replica of this formula at a lower price point. So far, no dice.

In case you decide (as I have) that one or two of these babies are worth it, wallet be damned, I've swatched most of the line and have done my best to put them in seasons. Lipgloss is a real pain to swatch, it soaks into the page by the time you get it home and smears all over your book, so please PLEASE try before you buy, especially at this price point. I would go put it on, live with it for the rest of the day and see how you like it, and then order it online. I'm probably going to get hate mail from brick and mortar stores for that one, but they don't have to wear it, and you do.

The glosses as I see them by number:

#1 -  True Winter, quite dark and very purple, and it loses brightness next to the BW fan. I think I'd like it best on a TW medium to dark skin.

#3 - This is one of those shades that is distinctly too dark and purple for Soft Summer (in my swatch more so than in Karla's picture), but still muted enough to lose energy next to the Dark and True Winter swatch books. Try it if you're one of those two, but IMO there are prettier shades in the line for both.

#6 - True Spring, should be a nice nude on her.

#7 - My swatch seems to like to be with the True Autumn swatch book, however it looks way off from the images of the color online. I've seen this one suggested for Light Spring, but it looks softer than that in my swatch.

#8 - True Spring

#9 - Bright Winter (it's cooler and redder than Karla's picture looks)

#11 - Bright Winter

#12 - Bright Spring, could try it on a Light Spring who wants a bolder lip, perhaps for evening

#13 - A Bright Winter who tolerates a dark lip well or a Dark Winter that's comfortable with lips in the upper brightness range for that season.

#14 - True Winter (I know, I know, but so many of these are profoundly purple)

#15 - I had this swatched as Dark Winter, but the pictures online look much lighter and pinker. I think this may be best as an intense lip for True Summer.

#16 - True Winter

#17 - I'm not sure who wears lips like this. It's very light and very cool. Far too cool against Light Summer, too bright against True Summer. As a color, it's prettiest with the True Winter swatch book,but it seems just far too light for a lip for her.  It's not bad with Bright Winter, and I think the relative lightness of a Bright Winter person would make this feel more comfortable.

#18 - I suppose for the fairest of Light Summers. Mind that it's not lighter than your lips, which always looks odd.

#19 - Light Summer, go for this before #18

#20 - Dark Autumn (beautiful chocolatey red velvet with some glitter in it!)

#26 - Bright Winter

#27 - True Spring certainly, Light Springs who wear warm shades well can try it, too

#29 - True Autumn

#101 - I did swatch this, but I guess I'll just say this isn't my idea of a lip color for anyone.

#102 - Soft Autumn

#103 - True Summer

#104 - Bright Winter, darker than online pictures, really pretty

#105 - Soft Autumn - has pinky glitter in it that cools the base color that you see online, might be even though many of these in the 100s are "nude" shades that look best on Autumns, the glitter and gloss will put them off it

#106 - Soft Autumn

#107 -Probably best for Dark Winter, be advised it's another one with a warm base an very purple glitter that cools it off a lot.

#108 - This would probably just go on like clear gloss with purple glitter in it.

#109 - Bright Winter - this one is a cool shade with gold glitter in it


So there you have it, those are the ones I was able to get my hands on. Have you tried a glossy stain? I'd love to hear if people of other seasons have tried these and how it went! :)