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Online Personal Image Analysis Now Open

A Word About Online PIA

Online PIA

The purpose of any Personal Image Analysis is two-fold: first, to determine your Image Archetype, and second, to explain to you what that means both in general and for you specifically, and how to use it as a head-to-toe game plan when you get back to your wardrobe, or head to the mall. My goal is for all of my clients to understand and be able to apply the information I give them to look and feel fabulous. If that sounds good to you, here's how we get there:

  1. You contact me to let me know you want to get started, and I collect images and information from you. I will need some pretty specific types of pictures of you, some of which you will likely need to take specifically for this purpose. At this time, I prefer to keep exactly what I look at private, so you will need to ask me.
  2. Once we have a satisfactory collection of images for me to mull over, we set a Skype date. Typically, I give myself a few days to get to your pictures, and make some preliminary decisions about where we might be going. The final verdict is never set until I see you on Skype, moving around in three dimensions, emoting, and talking. I'm pretty flexible about accommodating other time zones, so just get in touch with me if you're outside of North America and worried about how we'll make it work.
  3.  At your Skype appointment, we will spend the first 30 - 45 minutes going over your physical features individually, and how I evaluated them based on your images, and what I'm seeing on my screen. Then, we spend the rest of our 2-3 hours together talking about what your type is, and is not, and how you can apply this to what you wear in your everyday life, and really for any occasions that might come up. I make an audio recording of our session together, which I can send to you if you wish.
  4. Within about a week after our session is completed, I make a 10+ page pdf summary of everything we went over - including your analysis results, and my recommendations. I also make a private Pinterest board visible only to you and me with around 100 images of outfit ideas, garments, accessories, and hairstyles I think would be great for you.
  5. Afterwards, you are free to email me questions, requests for more pins, pictures of try-ons, or whatever is helpful to you in putting my recommendations to use. You can also comment on your pin board or add pins with items you have questions about, and I will talk to you about them over there. Part of this service is access to specific feedback from me as you work to embrace your image archetype, which I do my best to provide for you in a timely fashion.

That's pretty much it! If you didn't catch the hint already, please do contact me if you are interested in having an Online PIA. You can also get in touch with me just to ask questions, or ask them below in the comments - I bet if you're wondering, 10 other people are, too!