In the week since we met, I’ve been amazed at how many compliments I’ve received. The adjustments I’ve made seem relatively minor (wearing a very small amount of make-up differently and making very slight adjustments to the colors I’ve been wearing). Almost every day since, though, someone’s noticed. Thank you! Thank you!
— Megan, Philadelphia, PA
Rachel brings not only a profoundly keen eye to the draping process, but the tenacity to see it done systematically and thoroughly. As her client, you will be taken along on every step of your color journey. You will understand what she is looking for, what she is seeing and what she is learning about your unique coloring with each and every change of the drape. My result was a surprise, but instantly felt like coming home.
— Jennifer, Galloway, PA
One thing that Rachel offers that not many others do is the combination of style and color analysis and the time and support that Rachel provides is so worth it. Since I had been wearing colors that were totally wrong for me and my style had become ho-hum, I am now finding it easier and more exciting to look for clothing that will make me look my best. My husband can also attest that working with Rachel has definitely been a good thing!!
— Susan, Allentown, PA
Working with Rachel was truly a fun and valuable experience. She is sincerely gifted with a perceptive eye, and it’s paired with an incomparable sweetness to boot. I don’t know what else to say, other than: Best. Decision. Ever!
— Claire, Philadelphia, PA