Hello, beautiful clients! Since I have now asked that my clients open boards for me so that I can start pinning to them, I thought I'd throw up this page to give you a little help. Here's a video to show you right on the site what you need to do to create a secret board. The one thing I will add is that you need to follow me and I need to follow you to ensure Pinterest allows you to add me to the board. 


SO, to recap:

1. Go to your profile page by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner

2. Scroll down until you see the grey field with the "Create Secret Board" option on the left

3. Click to add the board, which will bring up a window where you can name the board and control the settings

4. Name the board (with your name in it, please! I don't know who "new style" belongs to.) and make sure it is set to secret, you can categorize it and describe it but you don't need to

5. Type my name into the indicated box and when it comes up in the drop-down box, hit "invite" We must be following each other for this to work correctly. Pinterest should automatically suggest me (you should see my icon) when you start typing my name. 

6. Email me to let me know you have done so. I usually catch the invites in my notifications but I get a lot of them, so it's helpful for me to know to look for it. I'll see you there!