personal color analysis

Best Dressed offers a thorough, systematic analysis to determine which of the 12 Seasons contains your very best colors for clothing and makeup. Best Dressed uses the industry's most advanced tools and methodology, developed by the incomparable Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints, for peerless accuracy and client comprehension.

Each analysis takes up to 3 hours, and includes a 12 Tone palette and makeup application for women. (This service is not available online due to the inaccuracy of color representation in images)


personal image analysis

Developed by Best Dressed founder Rachel Nachmias,  our proprietary image analysis process breaks down the client's features by shape, scale, and proportion in order to connect her with the most flattering, harmonious, and effective styles for her brand of beauty.

Each appointment lasts 2-3 hours and includes both audio recordings and a personalized pdf containing thorough, easy-to-follow recommendations for clothing for every occasion, jewelry, accessories, and hairstyle. You will also receive dozens of visual examples of the styles mentioned during your analysis.

guided shopping

For clients who want the most hands-on experience, or want extra guidance for a special occasion, Best Dressed Guided Shopping is an excellent choice. Clients learn first hand how Rachel uses the information gathered during Color and Image Analysis in a real world shopping scenario to navigate the sea of available choices efficiently and make informed, effective decisions.

This service is available only to clients who have previously had a PCA (with Rachel or any other 12 Blueprints analyst) or PIA.