12 Blueprints Light Spring Cosmetics

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12 Blueprints Light Spring Cosmetics

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1. Sundancer (high gloss) (7.4) (light clear coral, nice brightness, fine gold shimmer)

2. Honey Mandarin from True Spring

3. Lola (high gloss) (7.2) (pearlescent golden light orange, sunrise colour, and because I liked the name, less bright than Sundancer, hoping it looks shimmery, not chalky, because it is much more sheer)

4. My Music (Creme) (7.4) ( a natural lip colour, balance of beige-pink-peach, not too ethereal, an adult's lipstick)

5. Queen Bee (Matte) (7.5) (what might be their red lip, probably cool-side so can be mixed with any of the above or TSp colour or with TSp Optimist gloss; matte formulation for those with stronger lip pigmentation or who want colour that doesn't move once applied, always the option for balm over or under)


1. Unsung (7.3-7.4) (pretty apricot pink)


1. Picnic (7.4) (shimmer) (light warm coral pink)

2. Sorbet (7.3-7.4) (creme) (nectarine with high transparency)

3. LouLou (7.2) (beige pink, gold shimmer)