12 Blueprints True Winter Cosmetics

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12 Blueprints True Winter Cosmetics

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True Winter


1. Darling Pink (High Gloss) (3.9) (beautiful clear violet-fuchsia pink)

2. Have Mercy (Creme) (4.8 – 4.9) (purpley pomegranate)

3. Cherry Brandy (Matte) (coolest darkest on Sci/ART fan, 5.5 but cooler) (cranberry red, may work on all Winters)

4. Russian (all W) (Creme) (5.1-6.1) (cool coral red, looks more orange indoors, warm pink-red in daylight, nice coral for DW)


1. Crystal Apple (4.5, a bit bluer and clearer) (will work alone or mixed with a TSu option)

2. Fast Track (TW 4.7) (red pink (Rachel's note: very purple in the pan, goes on pink))

3. Pink Boost(TW 3.8) (candy pink to lighten and energize BW, TW, and BSp)

4. Blue Fuchsia (approx. TSu 2.8-2.9/ TW 4.8) ("totally lovely" orchid pink)


1. Now or Never (3.9) (was Lora's Hot Lips) (shimmer) (pink fuchsia)

2. Bijou (3.8-3.9) (creme) (violet pink with bit of sparkle)

3. So Regal (4.8) (creme) (slightly muted purple)

4. Origami (TW 2.8-3.7) (creme) (creamier than Hot Lips, candy pink)