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Hi Rachel, I don't know if you remember me, but we did a Skype appointment last April, where you typed me as Yang Classic. Then you sent me the most amazing Pinterest page. I bought so many of those items and wear them all the time. I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me and what a life-changing event that was. It has been a difficult year for me in many ways, but the challenge of looking my best has been one thing that is coming easily for the first time in my life. Now, when in doubt I know I can go very simple (you mentioned in a photo of Jackie O. how classics can look good in the simplest clothes), and I also know how to be a bit more polished and be true to my style. Anyway, I could go on, but suffice it to say I think you are so talented and am so glad I took the plunge and consulted you! I only wish I knew all this years ago. Cheers and best wishes from a happy client! -Jessica, Seattle, WA


Rachel, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you one more time. In the week since we met, I've been amazed at how many compliments I've received. The adjustments I've made seem relatively minor (wearing a very small amount of make-up differently and making very slight adjustments to the colors I've been wearing). Almost every day since, though, someone's noticed. Thank you! Thank you! - Megan, Philadelphia, PA


“Lit from within.” I have been on the receiving end of this incredible compliment on more than one occasion since my personal color analysis with Rachel Nachmias of Best Dressed. After a year of tonal discontentment struggling with a past misanalysis, “lit from within” is now exactly how I feel. I came to Rachel with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Trepidation because my previous draping had been a disconcerting and disappointing experience. Excitement because Rachel had quickly earned a reputation as a uniquely talented newcomer to the world of color and style guidance. That reputation is well founded. Rachel brings not only a profoundly keen eye to the draping process, but the tenacity to see it done systematically and thoroughly. As her client, you will be taken along on every step of your color journey. You will understand what she is looking for, what she is seeing and what she is learning about your unique coloring with each and every change of the drape. My result was a surprise, but instantly felt like coming home. My Bright Winter palette makes me look and feel more youthful, vibrant and energetic at the age of 44 than I did when I was 30. I’ve embraced my natural hair color, opted for a sassy new cut, dropped 10 pounds and feel ready to enter this next phase of my life as a lighter, brighter more  authentic version of myself. If you are on the fence about having a PCA with Rachel… get off it. The gift of better self-understanding is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Jennifer, Galloway, PA


I highly recommend Rachel’s services if you are somewhat lost on your colors and style, like I was.  I came to see Rachel a year after having a color analysis by someone else.  I was left wanting afterwards and just didn’t feel like I got the support I needed and I was also confused about style and combining it with my color palette.

I made an appointment with Rachel, who I had heard great things about.  During my color analysis, Rachel took all the time that I needed to see the changes and differences for myself.  She was extremely patient, but I needed to see the differences clearly, since I didn’t really see the differences in the drapes the first time.  After we went through all the drapes and then back and forth between two different seasons, I did get my confirmation and I finally felt like I was settled in my color palette.  There is no way I would have been able to do this on my own—and in fact, I certainly tried and got it totally wrong!  Having an in-person draping by Rachel shows you clearly the colors that are magical for your own coloring and the technique that is used to find these colors cannot be duplicated on your own.  For me, having this personal color palette has allowed me to have a simpler wardrobe of my best colors, which was exactly what I wanted. 

The style analysis was something I had never done before and after answering numerous questions about my physical attributes, Rachel told me what my style archetype was.  Here again, I attempted to figure this out on my own and only became more and more frustrated.  It’s extremely helpful to have someone like Rachel, with all her experience and her eye for style, evaluate your physical attributes in an unbiased manner—it’s just too difficult to do on your own.  I found it a bit trickier combining my colors with style, but Rachel provided me with numerous examples of clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags that would be right for me and my personality as well.  She also provided me with a 13-page analysis that she’d written up just for me to keep on hand for reference, which is very helpful.  With her guidance, I now feel like I have enough knowledge to shop confidently. I have definitely gotten good reactions from people both with colors and my new, emerging style.

Working with Rachel was fun—she’s a delight to work with and is very passionate about the work she does.  One thing that Rachel offers that not many others do is the combination of style and color analysis and the time and support that Rachel provides is so worth it.  Since I had been wearing colors that were totally wrong for me and my style had become ho-hum, I am now finding it easier and more exciting to look for clothing that will make me look my best.  My husband can also attest that working with Rachel has definitely been a good thing!!

- Susan, Allentown, PA


Update:  more complements at work ("Wow, you look great, did you change your hair????", "I take exception to your attire today, this is for a beautiful spring and look through the window!", "Nice dress!" etc.,  I kid you not... and you will be getting more clients as they all asked "How did you do that"?) So, I have given your contact to the lady at the TJMax I shop at (she has a great taste and works thereat the fitting room, she absolutely demanded I shared the secret). And then my friends at work.

Also, my hair looks much better. The colorist basically toned it down to remove all the warm color and added some "barely" there cool highlights. What-a-difference! We agreed I will be making an effort to see her for cool highlights while we let my natural color grow and see what happens.

I also sent the pics to my sister, here reaction : "Revelation!". So, with that - thank you again!

- Justyna, King of Prussia, PA


I was beyond excited to have a chance to be draped by Rachel. I had already self-identified as one season and naively assumed I would receive confirmation of my guess under her professional scrutiny. To say I was a difficult (see downright stubborn) client is a severe understatement. Rachel was so patient and took the time to make and explain every comparison during the process, helping me to see specific details that would help to make the final determination. When she reached a conclusive result (definitely not the one I had self-diagnosed!), it was like I was really seeing myself for the first time. The warmth and intensity of my true season makes so much sense with my entire being. I am fully embracing my True Spring analysis and can feel myself transforming radiantly, inside and out. Working with Rachel was truly a fun and valuable experience. She is sincerely gifted with a perceptive eye, and it’s paired with an incomparable sweetness to boot. I don't know what else to say, other than: Best. Decision. Ever! - Claire, Philadelphia


Since my Best Dressed consultation; I have enjoyed confidence in my appearance that has directly impacted my quality of life. The education I received  was a priceless investment. Rachel provided me with all the knowledge I needed to make intelligent, brilliantly strategic aesthetic choices and decisions. Looking "expensive" gave me the confidence I needed to land a better job (at twice the pay!) literally within a few short weeks of my consultation. More importantly, I no longer feel or look lost and confused in the makeup aisle, or in general! Shopping for makeup and clothes had always been an agonizing gamble. Best Dressed helped teach me how to feel (and be) fierce, competitive- "expensive and worth the price". I even brought my fiancée to get his analysis the following month! A visit to Best Dressed will change your life for the better! - Emily, Philadelphia


Rachel at Best Dressed helped me prepare for the Bal De l'Été in Monaco June 2013. I had given birth to my first daughter only 4 months prior, and we only had 2 weeks to prepare for this extremely dressy weekend that included 2 formal events and several semiformal events. She came over to take a look at what I had, which wasn't much, to be honest. Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes did not fit, and maternity clothes weren't dressy enough for the events I was preparing for.

Rachel at Best Dressed came shopping with me over the course of several days, after speaking with me in depth about the events and what I was looking for in my outfits. She has such a good knowledge of fashion history... the event was retro-themed, focusing on Hollywood in the 1950's, Breakfast at Tiffany's era. Rachel helped me find classic gowns that made me look great. But then she went further. She took me to some hidden gems of vintage shops in South Philly where we found a feather hat for one formal outfit and plenty of gorgeous jewelry that brought the outfits together with the theme of the weekend. She was great at choosing things that looked beautiful on me, and that brought out my unique self. Together we put together an entire wardrobe that worked perfectly!

Then Rachel sent me youtube videos and tutorials regarding hair and makeup for each outfit. I can't believe how great my hair and makeup looked when I finally got it ready for the events!

I went from feeling socially scared with my postpartum body to feeling buxom and beautiful. Rachel made me feel normal, even as we laughed as she showed me how to squeeze into Spanx. I feel like I looked amazing for where I was, only 4 months after giving birth. I had a lot of confidence at the events, and got SO many compliments from so many people!

I also saved a lot of money. Rather than buying brand new jewelry, I was able to buy used things in vintage shops made of real precious metals, feathers, and good quality materials. Her knowledge of vintage fashion was incredible and I learned so much, while having fun! Now I have an amazing stash of beautiful things to pull out any time.

I would highly recommend Best Dressed to anyone who enjoys looking good, for an important event, or I'm sure, just for every day. It's not just looking good either... it's looking like the best you that you can be. It feels incredible. Rachel has this knack of seeing beauty people and finding real ways to draw it out so that others can see it as well. If you want to be appreciated for the gorgeous person you are, don't hesitate to trust Best Dressed with your look. You will be more than happy you did. - Anna, 36, Philadelphia, PA


Having a PIA with Rachel was useful because nobody can look at themselves totally unbiased from the outside. At least it is very hard for most people, myself included. Her assessment of my features and body was thorough and felt very objective, yet non-judgmental and supportive. I felt it was OK to be me, just the way I am, and that in addition to being OK, Rachel somehow conveyed that being me has potential to be totally awesome.

Certain things that I have bought after the PIA has earned some very flattering complements. However, the best reaction has been from myself. Like, the other day I was attending a semi-formal function, wearing my unique version of dressed up (a bright chartreuse yellow dress over cropped narrow black trousers, a black, 3/4 sleeve cropped cardigan, and black, shiny patent leather Dr. Martens) and I felt totally fine, comfortable and happy, not worried about what anyone was thinking of me. That I don't need complements from others is the best kind of reaction and a direct result of the PIA with Rachel.

That and I got such good after care! I was not just given a report, a pat on the shoulder and "off you go on your merry way to interpret your style". The fact that Rachel is available to answer questions by email, and the wonderful interaction we have had via the secret Pinterest board that you created has been super helpful, and that is superior compared to other style analysis experiences I have had previously. In the long run I think definitely it will save time and money both. Just like knowing your perfect colours saves time and money, it is just as useful to know which styles to walk away from, and which to grab when given the chance. It is part of making me a more empowered and picky consumer.

What surprised me was the way style identity really goes much deeper than what I wear. It is about embracing my personality. Owning up to who I am. Honoring parts of me that have not gotten enough respect until now. It really is much more profound than just choosing the right outfits. It is about choosing to express who you are deep down. I feel that part of the PIA went above, beyond and deeper than what I had hoped for.

And how much FUN it has been (and still is)!

- Jorunn, Norway